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The experience I had with the VC Legal UK exceeded my expectations as I would never expect some legal work, especially in such a serious matter such as appeal, to be so easy going for me. From the beginning till the end I had a feeling that my appeal was taken case off in the best and most professional way. Instructions were simple and always on time giving me enough time to search for required documents. I was getting prompt answers to all my questions regarding appeal in a way that let me feeling confident about it, clearing the confusion. The fee paid to VC Legal UK to run the appeal was rather negligible comparing with the value of their service.

Author : Client on Appeal

I asked you to assist me in what seemed an impossible task, and after a lot of encouragement and support from you with my application I was successful.
A “BIG THANK you” for all your help, and should the need arise, I will definitely recommend you.

Author : Naturalisation applicant

Even though it was query over the phone almost minutes before closing hours I was given full attention and all information necessary.

Author : Telephone consultations applicant

I can’t believe it has happened and it’s over.
I pray that the Good Lord bless you and give you more strength and knowledge to be able to counsel and direct your clients. You have shown much concern through and through. You have been very efficient throughout and I pray that the Lord will expand your business.

Author : Tier 2 applicant

I am chuffed to bits….. Thank you so much.

Author : Appeal assistance